People that have followed my journey for a while are pretty accustomed to getting content from me in spurts. One minute, there’s plenty of content being produced. The next, radio silence. I’m here to explain why that happens.

For those that don’t know, I do voiceovers for a living. While it’s an amazing profession, there can be plenty of downtime when campaigns are coming to an end. When that happens, I start to get pretty antsy. My mind starts racing to find something to occupy my time while I’m waiting to book more work. That’s usually when I start producing content. Videos, podcasts, live streams, etc. I put my all into it. Right around the time that I’ve fully invested myself into creating something, it happens. I land a new voiceover campaign. While this is an incredibly good thing, it tends to upset people that have also invested themselves in my projects. One YouTube comment said that it was like finding a new Netflix show they enjoyed that only had 5 episodes. I completely understand that.

One day, when I was venting about this to my wife, she came up with the solution to all my problems. She said, “Why don’t you just make videos when you can and then upload them once you’ve got at least 10.” The light bulb immediately went off and everything became so clear. She was absolutely right. Instead of trying to produce content while busy with voiceovers, I can simply film when I have free time and then release them slowly once I have enough. I now have a new plan to deliver content to you and I’m incredibly inspired. My wife is a genius.

Now, on to the exciting news.


Our offer was accepted for a beautiful Amish built log home that borders national forest! The home needs some work but that’s all part of the fun. I’ve been renting my entire adult life and the possibility of finally having a home that’s mine is awesome. No more landlord, no more random visits to check on things, and no more high rent payments. Another huge plus is that this location has fiber internet! It has over 1,000 times the upload speed of our current provider. Which means, in addition to the prerecorded videos, I could also live stream outdoors content from our ~30 acre property right here on the site. Something that really excites me.

There’s quite a few more hoops for us to jump through before we’re absolutely certain that this is our home. However, we’ve got a pretty good feeling about it. Keep your fingers crossed for us.