After a long hiatus, I’ve started producing content again under the Big Man Outdoors brand. I had to stop before because of my abysmal internet speed but I’ve found a way to be able to upload some content. There won’t be any hour long videos but short videos like the one below will be feasible.

The pack in the video was made from a wool blanket and a military surplus waterproof clothing bag. Inside the pack was a wool anorak, wool socks, gloves, a piece of hide to sit on, and a browse bag for a bough bed. I attached it to me with mule tape (love that stuff) but I’ve since made new shoulder straps with 2 inch webbing.

My Instagram account was disabled for impersonating myself. Yes, that actually happened. I’ve tried numerous times to appeal it but I never get a response. I’m calling that a complete loss. I’ve switched over to using my Facebook page and that seems to be going well. At least my Facebook is verified so I won’t have to worry about it being disabled.

In other news, I decided to dabble with spoon carving and made my first one yesterday. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out considering I’ve never done it before and I also don’t have a hook knife.

This is my first attempt at spoon carving and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's made from a lodgepole pine. I treated it with beeswax and food grade mineral oil.

Posted by Matthew Rhode on Sunday, January 27, 2019

I wasn’t quite sure how to treat the wood but then remembered that I had a bottle of butcher block cream. That stuff is great. I applied it generously, let it sit overnight, and then wiped off the excess the next day. I’m definitely going to be making more of these.