The move from Arizona to Montana is officially complete! We’ve been here for about 5 weeks now and I’m starting to feel pretty settled in. After seeing the property in person, I realized that some purchases needed to be made to start making it better.

First, an ATV. Since my lady also enjoys the outdoors, I opted for the 2-up Can Am Outlander Max. Now we can explore our property and surrounding areas with ease. I can also use it for plowing this winter. I mean, I do live in Montana now. It’s also just fun as hell to ride! Next, a tow behind brush mower (Pro XL44T) from DR Power. We had a lot of overgrowth that needed to be cleared out and this thing made short work of it. 3 inch saplings were no match for this monster. I also purchased a Stihl trimmer (FS 91) with a brush blade to get to the areas I couldn’t get with the mower. Finally, a Stihl chainsaw (MS 261) for firewood. Having never had property, this was all new to me. It’s been a blast learning these machines and seeing the results of a days work with them.

I’ve decided to change the name of this project from Big Man Bushcraft to Big Man Outdoors. I’ll still be able to do overnight outings in the National Forests, but figured this would also be a good way to produce content that’s outdoors related but not necessarily bushcraft. The face lift will take place shortly with a new logo. Other than that, business as usual.

I’ll be making some campfire cooking videos soon. We’ve got a nice little fire pit on the property with some great cooking irons.

More to come!