If you’ve spent some time on (and off) the trail, you know that a dehydrated meal is a fantastic choice for a lightweight, quick and easy dinner. You simply add some boiled water, let it sit and rehydrate, then enjoy. I’ve tried a few different types of prepackaged, dehydrated meals and certainly didn’t enjoy them all. Some of them were too salty, some were not flavorful, and some had a lot of artificial ingredients. Not to mention, some just didn’t come with enough damn food!

I was browsing a forum one night looking for some new recipes for trail food and I stumbled upon a link for Hawk Vittles. They said that these meals were homemade by a real chef; I had to see for myself. I quickly realized that the post was from 2007, so I didn’t have much hope for the site still being live. Sure enough, it was. They’ve since updated their site but when I first went there, it looked like an old GeoCities website from the 90’s. It was pretty bad. I decided to bite the bullet and buy some. I went with 7 double serving meals.

  • Hash Browns & Sausage – $10.95
  • Breakfast Grits – $10.95
  • Country Quiche – $10.95
  • Instant Oatmeal – $7.95
  • Bison Stew – $14.95
  • Buffalo Pasta – $14.95
  • Cowboy Pasta – $10.95

As you can see, these are not the cheapest meals out there. My bill was $81.65. Add in shipping of $16.95 for a total of $98.60. Keep in mind, their single servings are cheaper.

I’ve only had the Buffalo Pasta so far, but I have to say, it’s the best tasting dehydrated meal that I’ve ever had. Not too much salt, flavor that surprised the hell out of me, and enough food that even a big guy like me was satisfied. Granted, it was a double serving. I’d also like to note that these do not come vacuum sealed. However, there is a “use by” date that’s roughly 1 year out from when you receive it. I wouldn’t buy these in bulk to keep stored for the apocalypse as they’ll probably go bad. That’s also a testament to the quality ingredients that they use. When things don’t go bad, you know that they’ve been pumped with a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives which are not good for you.

I’m anxious to try the other recipes.