Recently, I stumbled upon a company from Austria that makes high quality outdoor gear for consumers, as well as the military. They use some of the best materials and their workmanship is fantastic. The company is Carinthia. If you’re living in North America, chances are, you’ve never seen any of their products. They service mostly Europe and don’t offer shipping to North America on their site.

I was watching a video from a YouTuber known as Survival Russia. He had mentioned Carinthia as having some of the best sleeping bags around. Obviously, since Russia is known for its extreme cold, it piqued my interest. I went to the company’s site and started looking around. I saw that they have a lot of synthetic sleeping bags that are a lot heavier than I would have liked. I narrowed my search to down instead of synthetic and started looking there. I got a little confused with some of the sizes and didn’t know if they meant the bags were suitable for someone my height or if they were my height. I decided to reach out to them via their contact form and ask for some assistance. They said that the Survival Down 1000 bag that I inquired about was probably too small for me. However, they said the other bags should be fine.

I started looking up video reviews of their products. Bags, bivies, clothes, etc. Closed captions were my best friend as a lot of the videos were in German. One thing stood out; The reviews were stellar. Since they don’t offer shipping to the US from their site, I was forced to look around elsewhere. I checked eBay and found a lot of Carinthia gear. Now, it was time to decide what I was going to get.

I decided upon the Wilderness. A large, heavy, synthetic bag with sleeves. Yea, it’s weird. It was designed so that you could do some things without having to get out of your bag. Cook, get your rifle, etc. This bag has a comfort rating of 0 degrees. Yea, comfort. That means you’ll be in that thing at 0 degrees and you’ll be toasty warm. It has an extreme rating of almost -40 degrees. If you didn’t know, -40 Celsius is also -40 Fahrenheit. You won’t be comfortable at that temperature. That’s pretty much the limit before you freeze to death in that bag. You’ll be able to survive, but just barely. Still, any bag that I’m comfortable in at 0 degrees is just fine by me.

Laugh it up, friends. Laugh it up. I might look lke Gumby, but at least I’ll be warm.

There are a few things to keep in mind with bags from Carinthia.
– They aren’t cheap. The Wilderness will run you over $300 before shipping.
– They are heavy. This is a large, synthetic bag that weighs over 6lbs. If you’re looking for the most lightweight sleeping bag around, this is not for you. Their down options will be much lighter.
– They are rugged. The materials they use really make a sturdy bag. That’s why it’s so heavy.

It’s now the middle of May in Arizona. I don’t foresee that bag getting much use any time soon. However, I’m moving to Montana next month, so I have a feeling this winter it will be used quite a bit. I’ll follow up with a proper review once I’ve field tested it.