One of the biggest struggles for me as a larger guy is finding clothes that fit. Even with proper measurements, it doesn’t always guarantee a proper fit. I get excited when I see that a brand offers my size, but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to fit comfortably. The shape, cut, and stretch all play a part in whether it’s going to be comfortable. For me, comfort is a must. So, a lot of the time, I just have clothes made for me. Like this amazing anorak from Boreal Mountain Anoraks.

While searching online for anoraks, I stumbled onto their site. I decided to send in a request on their contact form asking if they’d make a custom size for me. Andy promptly responded and said it would be no problem adding extra length to any garment. I immediately placed my order for the Rough and the Manic with extra length. He was kind enough to even upgrade my Manic to include the wolf ruff, free of charge. He made sure they would be made to my specifications and would work well layering with one another.

I received the package a couple of weeks later and I could tell the quality of it before putting it on. The feel of the wool mix that they use is amazing. It’s 95% wool and 5% synthetic. If offers the same great characteristics of 100% wool but with a much softer feel. It’s considerably less scratchy. I’ve never been particularly put off by the feel of 100% wool, but this was much more comfortable. I was so pleased when I tried it on that I had to email Andy and thank him. I’ve included a screenshot.

You’ll notice that I wear the wool anorak in most of my videos when the temperature drops. It’s incredibly warm, very durable, and fits me perfectly. Taking care of it is easy; I just give it a smoke bath if I feel like it needs a little freshening up. I never wash it. I haven’t had a chance to pair it with the Manic on an outing as it hasn’t been cold enough to justify that. However, when I move to Montana in a few months, I’ll be ready for the winter.

I was so happy with my experience that I decided to order their wool blanket as well. It’s the same wool mix and quality of the anorak. I’ve taken it on many outings and decided to request an even larger blanket from them. Andy had a massive blanket made for me and he now markets it as the “Cowboy King Wool Blanket.” I can wrap myself up twice over in it. It’s a monster.

If you’re in the market for a quality anorak or wool blanket, I highly recommend checking out Boreal Mountain Anoraks.